Cryo To Reduce

Pain & Inflammation


Inflammation indicates the body is trying to heal itself. Whether the result of a physical injury or infection, inflammation can also occur in times of stress or as a reaction to alcohol or toxins.  While it is a protective immune response to clear out damaged tissue and initiate cellular repair, it is commonly associated with pain, swelling, and heat.


The use of cryotherapy is a beneficial treatment in instances of both acute and chronic cases as it reduces pain and inflammation throughout the entire body. In the instant minutes during the treatment, blood is drawn to the core, away from the swollen and affected areas. While circulating through the cardiovascular system, the blood is cleansed of toxins and becomes oxygen- and nutrient-rich. Endorphins and anti-inflammatory proteins are released into the blood to induce analgesia (immediate pain relief). Once out of the chamber, the oxygenated and nutrient-rich blood rushes back through the body, facilitating the healing process.

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Increased Circulation

The heart pumps harder, the circulation flows faster, and an oxygen rush fills every sinew in our bodies; like an early morning run in the crisp Alpine air, the body is revived and the mind is alive; breathing back life.  This process is directly linked to joint pain & inflammation relief!