Enhance Athletic Performance


Cryo is an effective pain management treatment method.  Cryo treatments hold numerous benefits that elevate the body’s performance and contribute to one’s overall well-being, including: 

Increased blood circulation: Cryo enriches the blood with elevated levels of oxygen and helps deliver vital nutrients all around the body. Insufficient oxygen levels in blood have been linked to increased proneness to illness and lowered immune system. Cryo treatments will oxygenate your tissues, and help your blood to circulate.

Boosted immune system:   As your blood circulation, oxygenation and nutrient levels improve, an intensive stimulation of the immune system will quickly follow, resulting in a preemptive corrective response. This, in turn, will promote the normalization of hormonal balance, making this one of the most important benefits of cryotherapy for sports and general wellness.

Increased energy and strength: As the body goes into an alert mode boosting the immune system, one of the most commonly reported almost immediate benefits of cryotherapy for sports and fitness treatments experienced by many patients is an increase in energy level and consequent strength.

Great addition to your existing treatment program: More and more athletes turn to cryotherapy for enhanced pain relief as an alternative rehabilitation program. Cryotherapy for athletes is now the most popular add-on and post-performance treatment, and is frequently recommended in addition to physiotherapy sessions. In fact, entire teams of athletes use it. NBA superstars such as Kobe Bryant and LeBron James love it. Undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. swears by it, having sessions before and after his fights.

5. Faster sports injury recovery: Cryo in sports medicine has been getting a lot of attention from athletes due to its anti-inflammatory and pain relief benefits. Cryotherapy sports injuries treatments available at Vancity Cryo Bar reduce the injury recovery time by 1 to 2 days on average.