Benefits of Cryo

Cryotherapy was developed in Japan in the 1970s for patients with arthritis and joint pain.  In the Whole Body Cryosauna, we chill the outer layer of your skin with sub zero temperatures. Cryotherapy has been shown to decrease inflammation of the body’s tissues, muscles and joints. It can also help improve the body’s circulation and comfort, and also slow down cellular metabolism. Cryotherapy can help to reduce pain and muscle spasms in the body as well as reduce the swelling of injuries. Cryotherapy has also been shown to promote faster relieve in joint, muscle and tendon injuries. You will receive an energy boost due to the endorphin release which has been linked to aiding in the cure of depression. 

Running (Athletic Performance) - Pic.jpg

Enhance Athletic Performance

Cryotherapy gives competitive athletes an edge by enhancing preparation and reducing recovery time so you can train harder and maximize performance for optimal results.

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Beauty Benefits

Our cryosauna is a great tool to get you on your way to improving the look and strength of your hair, nails and the skin on the face and body. The result is tighter, resurfaced skin, glossier locks and stronger nails.

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Joints & Inflammation

Cryotherapy has long been used to treat pain and inflammation in the body. Whole Body Cryotherapy works to act and treat the whole body; stimulating cell renewal and whole body recovery.